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Steven Abboud on KLFE 1590 AM Seattle WA Talks about PhaZZer Enforcer in the competitive market

Steven Abboud talks with Chuck Olmstead on KLFE 1590 AM in Seattle Washington about the importance of having the PhaZZer Enforcer in the market to help with competition to allow for better innovations and pricing for our law enforcement agencies and our law enforcement officers. In short, competition is good for the consumers.

In this video Steven Abboud explains the effect the PhaZZer Enforcer CEW stung gun and the NMI (Neuro Muscular Incapacitation).  NMI is when the entire body locks up and prevents the subject from moving any muscle, even their thumb, rendering that subject harmless.

During the interview, Steven Abboud explains that PhaZZer was the first company to design a safety feature that helps save lives with these CEW’s (Conducted Electrical Weapons).  This revolutionary technology has proven to be effective and has propelled the PhaZZer Enforcer as one of the safest stun guns in the world.  Steven Abboud explains that PhaZZer was following the guidelines set forth by a study performed by the AAEM (American Academy of Emergency Medicine).  This study had shown that a human should not take more than 15 seconds of exposure to a stun gun to help reduce the risk of loss of life.  And because of this study, PhaZZer created an automatic shutdown feature to limit the exposure time by creating an auto 5 second shutdown per trigger with a maximum of 3 trigger pulls before the device automatically shuts down.  This now forces the user to realize that they have now given the maximum amount of exposure time to the subject, in turn preventing over exposure and possibly taking a life.  Because of this safety feature, the PhaZZer Enforcer is proud to announce that as of the airing of this video has had 0 reported cases fatalities.

Even though this stun gun was designed for our brave men and women of law enforcement, it is also practical for homeowners / civilians as well.  The PhaZZer Enforcer was designed with a laser pointer to assist with aiming and a high-power LED light to help deter would be aggressors.  Just the presence of this weapon can help influence the aggressor to think differently about their actions.  This weapon can be just as effective as a 9mm but without taking a life.

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