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Steven Abboud talks about the PhaZZer Enforcer safety features and cost savings on KAZM 780AM ESPN radio

Steven Abboud of Phazzer talks with Tom Tabbock of KAZM 780AM ESPN radio in Northern Arizona. He explains the difference between a Conductive Electrical Weapon (CEW) and a standard stun gun. He also explains how the PhaZZer Enforcer safety features were designed to help save lives while completely immobilizing the subject. Steven Abboud explains how after studying reports from the American Academy of Emergency Medicine the importance of the 15 second rule to help avoid over exposure to a CED (Conductive Electrical Device). Steven Abboud and PhaZZer created the first auto shutdown safety feature to help prevent the loss of life. He explains that each trigger pull will last only 5 seconds with a maximum trigger pull of 3 times. This will help prevent the over exposure from the CEW (Conductive Electrical Weapon) helping to assure that the PhaZZer Enforcer will help safely subdue the subject without taking lives. Because of this, the PhaZZer Enforcer has become the Taser alternative for many agencies in the United States and around the world. To the date of the airing of this interview, the PhaZZer Enforcer has had ZERO reported incidents that has ended in the taking of a life of a subject.

It has been reported by news agencies that the Taser units while designed to help save lives have in fact been involved in the loss of life. You can read this article at:

Because of the “defund the police” movement, it is essential that our law enforcement agencies have the best possible equipment without paying an exorbitant amount of money for that equipment. Steven explains how the PhaZZer Enforcer saves agencies money on the equipment. Also as a direct result of the PhaZZer Enforcer never being involved in the taking of a life, the agency has never had to payout any claims due to the CEW taking a life.

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