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PhaZZer® Steven Abboud Demonstrates the Safety & Effectiveness of the PhaZZer Enforcer to Laredo PD in Texas – Video

The PhaZZer FORCE™, a police grade CEW (coyote brown color).

Proving Phazzer’s performance in person, and on demand. Giving Police departments confidence, and hands on experience with a better, and safer less lethal weapon that they can count on. Thank you Officer Gonzales for experiencing the stopping power of the PhaZZer Enforcer as you displayed complete NMI lock up in the video and we are glad that you will not be forgetting our name.

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PhaZZer® Enforcer Stun Gun Demo Video comparison to Axon TASER x26p CEW at Laredo Police Dept. Texas USA

The PhaZZer FORCE™, a police grade CEW (coyote brown color).

Laredo Police Department hosted a demonstration of the PhaZZer Enforcer CEW, Ammunition, and accessories on June 30, 2021. Steven Abboud, CEM of PhaZZer demonstrated the effectiveness, reliability, and the patented safety shut down circuit technology designed to prevent over exposure to these stun gun devices.

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PhaZZer® Training in the news – “Stun gun training session held at the West TN Regional Training Center”

The PhaZZer FORCE™, a police grade CEW (coyote brown color).

“National stun gun manufacturer Phazzer held its training session at the West Tennessee Regional Training Center in Denmark educating attendees on how to use this non-legal weapon.

The training session was an opportunity to demonstrate the difference between the Phazzer and other taser weapons used in law enforcement and other agencies.

The instructor of the class explains what makes the Phazzer weapon different from other opinions.”

Read the full story from WNBJ Channel 39
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What Are Some Advantages of Using Less Lethal Weapons in Law Enforcement?

The PhaZZer FORCE™, a police grade CEW (coyote brown color).

Outside the United States, the use of less lethal weapons like a police taser gun has been widely used since the technology became available. These types of “weapons” are designed to subdue assailants in a manner that can avoid serious bodily injury or even death. In many situations, they are just as effective as lethal weapons.

Here in the United States, the use of less lethal weapons has gained interest by various law enforcement agencies, including police departments, department of corrections prison facilities, security guards, and more. Even schools are considering variations of taser guns as a means to arm teachers to help protect students without the risks associated with conventional firearms.

While there are a variety of non-lethal weapons on the market, the most popular ones are taser guns. These devices emit electrical shocks that subdue the individual quickly and easily. While the individual will experience some slight discomfort from being shocked, the effects are not long term, nor will they result in serious injuries.

Aside from preventing serious injuries, taser guns provide other benefits for law enforcement agencies and others who choose to use them, including:

  • Cost-Effective – Taser guns can be less expensive compared to guns and firearms.
  • Easy to Use – Anyone can learn how to use a taser, and it does not require precise accuracy as do guns and firearms.
  • Most Manufacturers Offer Free Replacements – If the taser gun is damaged, broken, or stolen, most manufacturers offer some type of free replacement through warranty and equipment protection programs.
  • Easy to Maintain – Taser guns typically just need charging to ensure they have enough power to emit electrical shocks. Guns and firearms, on the other hand, have to be cleaned and require other types of maintenance.
  • No Special Certifications Required – In many law enforcement agencies, one must obtain certifications for various types of guns and firearms before they can use them. With taser guns, one just needs to be trained on how to use the device.
  • Safer to Use in Environments Where Guns Can Be Dangerous – Tasers are well-suited for environments like prisons, prisoner transports, schools, and others where the use of guns could become dangerous if they are taken by a prisoner or used incorrectly.
  • Different Models, Options, and Features – There are several different types of taser guns to choose from for a variety of situations and uses. For instance, the PhaZZer FORCE (™) was designed for use by department of corrections facilities.
  • Can Be Used for Personal Self-Defense – Most states allow individuals to carry and use taser guns as personal self-defense weapons and often do not require special permits as guns and firearms require.

Why the PhaZZer FORCE(™) Is Perfect for DOC Facilities

A prison stands at a barred window in a jail cell

In most department of correction (DOC) facilities across the country, prison guards are not allowed to carry guns in the facility due to the risks of prisoners potentially obtaining them. As a result, most prison guards work in environments where they have no means of self-defense should a prisoner get out of line.

With the PhaZZer FORCE(™), prison guards have a device they can use for self-defense and to get unruly prisoners under control safely and quickly without the risks of serious injuries. Even if a prisoner were to overpower a guard and take their taser, the weapons are non-lethal.

Not to mention, it can only be discharged a single time before it has to be reset, so it cannot be used over and over quickly. Furthermore, prison guards feel more secure since they have a device they can rely on if needed, should they need to protect themselves from prisoners.

The use of police taser guns and other less lethal weapons can be beneficial in preventing serious injuries and death while still providing a sense of security for law enforcement agencies and others who are concerned about their safety and who need a device they can use for self-defense.

To learn more about the PhaZZer FORCE(™) and other types of less-lethal weapons for law enforcement agencies, including DOCs, please feel free to contact Phazzer US at 833-742-9937 today!