PhaZZer Enforcer Wireless Dataport Receiver


PhaZZer Enforcer Wireless Dataport Receiver

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1. What is a data port.

The optional Data Port is for downloading and storing any recorded incident deployment information of the PhaZZer Enforcer, to permanently document any electrical discharge trigger pulls of the PhaZZer Enforcer in a timestamp format.

2. Why do we need it.

Recorded information can be stored and used as evidence containing electro-dart time duration data, as well as the time and date of use information. This storable retrievable information is useful for permanent evidence documentation of the Phazzer Enforcer that may be necessary for possible future legal implication requiring court actions.
The PhaZZer Enforcer Wireless Data Port download operation offers wireless data transfer without cable operation. This wireless concept enables quick and easy access to the stored information in the PhaZZer Enforcer. One PhaZZer Enforcer USB Data Port Transceiver can download up to 1000 PhaZZer Enforcers one at a time, or in multiple successions, thus saving time by viewing all PhaZZer Enforcer data information within a thirty-foot radio range of the USB transceiver plugged into a PC computer.

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