PhaZZer® Less Lethal Conductive Energy Weapons [CEWs]

PhaZZer® Conductive Energy Weapons [CEWs] are a less lethal Law Enforcement Grade brand of weapons that are highly versatile, allowing the user a variety of ammunition options. PhaZZer Less Lethal Weapons utilize electrical currents to neutralize and disable an attacker’s voluntary muscle control. The current is transferred from 15' to 25' by a pair of insulated wires attached to 2 dart projectiles that are deployed from the cartridge using a nitrogen propulsion system. Projectiles fired in this way will disable an attacker almost immediately without causing permanent damage or side effects. To date no deaths have been recorded as a consequence of using PhaZZer CEWs. Additionally PhaZZer CEWs are not classified as firearms by the USA ATF and thus do not require federal registration. PhaZZer offers a wide range of CEW types and form factors including Air Carbine Rifles, Stun Guns and other hand-held devices. The PhaZZer brand also includes a range of accessories including batteries and chargers, surveillance products and more. Most PhaZZer products are available internationally either individually, by the case or in kit form.