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I am very happy with all the products. I will definitely continue using phazzer products companywide

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Jacob LeVeque from Clarksville, Tennessee. on 6/5/2015

Chief of Police

I have recently received my new Phazzer Enforcer and this is a great product. I really like the rubberized pistol grip and the built in flashlight. It is also very convenient for it to be rechargeable. I really like this product and am looking forward to purchasing more for my department.

Reviewed by: Rob Stallcup from Chattanooga, OK. on 6/20/2015

Remarkable Product

Just recently, I purchased two PhaZZer units to incorporate into my departments use of force program. After user review of the units, I am happy to rate it a 5 Star product. The advanced ergonomic features, Safety Shut-Down Circuit Technology, Integrated Sight Laser/160 Lumen LED Light (with option of activation), and a variety of ammunition choices, along with PERFORMANCE totally sold me on the product. I just recently deployed the PhaZZer while attempting to arrest an intoxicated disruptive suspect and totally neutralized the suspect with one full operational cycle. As a result, the suspect was safely restrained and taken into custody eliminating injury risks and unwarranted liability issues to both officer's and suspect alike. The unit is very solidly built and has better features coupled with solid performance than any other CEW competitor on the market today for 25%-35% of its competitors price. If your department is researching to incorporate a CEW into their use of force program I would highly recommend PhaZZer as your number one choice.

Reviewed by: Chief Edward Williams from Mountain View Police Department Oklahoma. on 7/3/2015

Law Enforcement

Awesome holster!! Very easy draw and fits extremely well inside!!

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Michael Alvaro from Philadelphia . on 7/22/2015

Review: Law Enforcement

Review: I have to say that the PhaZZer Enforcer is hands down the best CEW I have ever had the pleasure to use!! I have 20 years experience in Military Police and Civilian Police and this Enforcer has personally stopped numerous situations from escalating into deadly force!! The Pepper Blast Cartridge was deployed into a 10x15 room and successfully incapacitated 3 suspects wanted for some serious crimes and all 3 were taken into custody without a single shot fired even though they had 5 weapons within reach!! Based on my experience, had we not had the Enforcer with its capabilities of deploying the Pepper Blast there would have no doubt been casualties, both bad guys and Officers!! I would and have recommended this to every Law Enforcement officer I come in contact with!!! Also, I have deployed every type cartridge except the paint marker and I have had no failure to deploy and they all have worked extremely well!! Thank you to the inventors of this fantastic non lethal weapon and keep up the great work!!

Sent in by Michael Alvaro of Philadelphia, PA on 7/22/2015

Review: PhaZZer Short Sleeve Compression Crew Shirt – Black

The compression shirts are comfortable to wear. The material (moisture wicking)feels cool and helps to control odor. The shirts do not snag like others I have seen.

Sent in by Staff Sergeant T.W. Baker of Florida on 8/22/2015

Personal/Family Safety

I moved with my family for work to an area that is not what I would consider "safe". I hope and pray that I never need to use this. However, if the time ever came that something happens in the middle of the night, I feel much safer knowing that this is available. Thank you Phazzer.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Regular Guy from Chicago, IL. on 8/26/2015

Phazzer Enforcer Success Story – Emailed

Our agency had out first deployment of your weapon today. Had a suicidal female with a steak knife. The officer was able to deploy the Phazzer. The weapon worked great. The female was safely taken into custody with no injury to officer or suspect. I would like to thank your training staff for working with our agency. If you need a reference from any agency looking to purchase your weapon, they can contact us.

Reviewed by: (Verified Agency) Detective Jeffrey Morris from Racine Police Dept. on 3/26/2017


Great price and customer service.

Reviewed by: Thomas Frederick from Hamilton, Indiana. on 9/5/2015

Deal Breaker

I am a private sector security officer and a MP in the National Guard.I have used the x26 Taser for year and have trained with numerous law enforcement agencies that carry them without a shadow of a doubt I like Phazzer better the grip is more comfortable, being able to recharge after ever shit is a plus, having a way brighter light, and the biggest bonus is that its almost half the price of what Taser wants!!!

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Ray Wilhelm III from Somerset PA. on 9/27/2015

Review: Tactical Force use of a PhaZZer Enforcer

A month ago I purchased phazzer I haven't had any issues with it I like it my co workers are planing to buy some more the look is tactical the grip is fantastic nice product I recommend if you are planning To spend your money make it Worth every dollar phazzer.

Sent in by Antonio of Los Angeles, CA on 9/30/2015

Review PhaZZer Enforcer, Dragon & A/C Charger

Review: I have had the Phazzer almost a year now and I love it so much. I have used it in the field since I work in fugitive recovery and it works wonderfully. I recently purchased the charger because I lost my last one and it had arrived very quickly. It works well with my phazzer and the phazzer holds a good charge I hardly have to recharge the weapon. This is awesome and will save you tons of money if you don't have a phazzer get one! I promise it worth it

Sent in by Dondra of San Antonio Texas on 10/16/2015

Assistant Chief of Police

The Chief of Police, and myself, went to a home to arrest a subject that we had a municipal warrant on. While there, we encountered another subject that the state Department of Corrections had a multiple parole violations warrant for. When the Chief of police attempted to take the subject into custody, he resisted and struck the Chief. I issued commands to the subject to get on the ground but he refused to do so. I then used my department issued PhaZZer Enforcer on the subject. As soon as the darts hit the subject, he fell to the ground. Once the cycle was over, the subject yelled out loud "That was a mistake, I'm sorry!" and rolled over and placed his hands behind his back. He was placed in custody without further incident. The PhaZZer Enforcer is, in my opinion, a valuable, well built, tool for today's Law Enforcement Officer.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Assistant Chief Leonard Garvin from Decatur, MS. on 11/7/2015

Great product at an agency affordable price.

When our agency looked for a less lethal alternative we found Phazzer to be the "best buy" of less-lethal weapon products. This is a must have tool for law enforcement with great product support.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Chief Henley from Lewisburg, TN. on 11/8/2015


We ordered the cartridges and the items were shipped promptly. The cartridges are of excellent quality and priced within the budget means of our small department. We also ordered one of the new Phazzer holsters, molded polymer, I must say that the holster is a vast improvement of the old leather ones. We plan on ordering 7 more to outfit the entire department. Phazzer continues to provide a quality product for law enforcement.

Reviewed by: Kenneth from Cumberland Police Dept. on 1/13/2016