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Irate driver causes officer to draw Phazzer

On September 18, Hawkins County Deputy Kyle Shively observed a red Doge Challenger traveling at a high rate of speed. When radar locked and confirmed that the car was going 67 MPH in a 45 MPH speed zone, the stop was initiated at Summers Trailer Park. Deputy Shively reports that the door to the vehicle flew open, he drew his department issued Glock 21 and a male jumped out, later identified as Donovan Sharp.

Reportedly, Sharp was irate, and stated that law enforcement had no right to stop him, and continued screaming. Deputy Shively states that he drew his department issued Phazzer and commanded Sharp to put his hands behind his back. Sharp complied, and was detained for the investigation. Additionally, Sharp’s drivers license was confirmed suspended via NCIC.

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The Rogersville Review

Richard Clark, Editor and Publisher