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Omaha police, other agencies attend presentation on Taser alternative PhaZZer Enforcer CEW

FREMONT — Representatives from six law enforcement agencies gathered Thursday at the Fremont Police Department to learn about a stun gun its manufacturer says is a safer alternative to a Taser.

Phazzer sells a stun gun that allows officers to deliver three five-second electrical charges, and then the device shuts down. The officer then must flip a button off and on again to continue shocking a person.

“If you had a moment to pause and think about it, in the heat of the moment, it slows the scene down,” said Steve Abboud, a consultant for Phazzer. “Safety’s got to be one of the number one concerns.”In June, an Omaha police officer shocked a mentally ill Oklahoma man 12 times — once for 18 seconds, officials have said. Zachary Bearheels died about an hour after he was shocked.

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