TASER® X2 LEA Model (Preowned Double Shot CEW)


TASER® X2 CEW – Fully Functional Slightly Used Law Enforcement Grade Weapon | Battery | 7 Day replacement warranty|


Taser X2 CEW Includes: fully functional used Taser X2 CEW, Battery, Holster (if in stock), 7 day warranty.
X2 Features:

TASER X2 Professional Self-defense Tool

  • Loads (2) cartridges in the event target is missed or have multiple targets;
  • Dual LED laser sight to accurately display where both probes in each cartridge will be launched;
  • Pulse Calibration System delivers the exact amount of electrical charge needed and recalibrates 20 times every second;
  • Central Information Display (CID) indicates power level, self diagnostics, status data, cartridge type, and clock;
  • Electrical arc can be used to deter culprit from attacking
  • No aftereffects or contamination to attacker and 40% safer than previous CEW technology;
  • Performance Power Magazine (PPM) battery allows up to 500 firings for improved performance;
  • Ambidextrous safety switch to prevent accidental discharge;
  • Integrated LED flashlight to illuminate dark environments;
  • IPX2 rated weatherproofing (certified by Gray’s Engineering, 2017) provides better resistance to rain and humidity.

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