TASER® X26P LEA Model (Preowned Single Shot CEW)


TASER® X26P CEW – Fully Functional Slightly Used Law Enforcement Grade Weapon | Battery | 7 Day replacement warranty | PhaZZer® Single Shot Cartridges Cross Compatible with TASER® Single Shot X26P


Taser X26P CEW Includes fully functional used Taser X26P CEW, Battery, Holster (if in stock), 7 day warranty.  Batteries not included


  • Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI)
  • Class 3R LASER targeting‐ paired with powerful LED flashlight
  • Blackhawk Holster (if in stock)
  • Contact stun
  • Ambidextrous safety levers
  • Long-Life Replaceable Battery

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