Operator Certification Training Programs 

PhaZZer Conductive Energy Weapons (CEWs) are considered to be “Non-lethal Control Devices” used for self defense. When used properly they control violent or potentially violent individuals without causing serious bodily harm to the offender. Years of in-service use have shown that the CEW can prevent serious harm to the trained user, to innocent bystanders and to targeted individuals or attackers.

The Operator Certification Training Program instructs the user on the proper deployment of the CEW and other important handling information.

  • Information regarding how and why the CEW affects the target recipient.
  • Characteristics, capabilities and operational safety principles and procedures.
  • Health effects and precautions
  • Equipment maintenance
Completion of the program will help:
  • Reduce liability exposure regarding Use of Force complaints
  • Decrease insurance rates and add credibility to the Operator should a court appearance be necessary.
  • Law Enforcement, Security personnel, Bail Bondsman and any professions where Use of Force is likely to involve a CEW should not be without this training.
The Operator Certification Training Program is a 6 hour program that includes both classroom and range training scenarios. To receive Operator Certification each student will be required to:
  1. Pass a written examination with a score of 75% or better
  2. Verbally demonstrate their knowledge of CEW operation and theory fundamentals
  3. Deploy at least one live probe cartridge during a training scenario.
Programs can be purchased from the listings below. Operator Training programs are scheduled at various locations on an as needed basis. For more information about training locations, schedules, instructor qualifications and on-site training contact our Training Division at
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IN-HOUSE Senior Instructor Certification

PhaZZer Training - Senior Instructor Certification

IN-HOUSE New Instructor Training Certification

PhaZZer Training - Instructor Certification

IN-HOUSE Transition Instructor Training Certification

PhaZZer Training - Instructor Transition Certification

IN-HOUSE New Operator Training Certification

PhaZZer Training - Operator Certification

IN-HOUSE Transition Operator Training Certification

PhaZZer Training - Operator Transition Certification